The International Conference for Physics Students (ICPS) is the annual conference of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS). Every year it is organized in a different city by the members of IAPS. In 1999 it will take place in Helsinki, Finland. Every Physics student is invited to participate.


The ICPS has many different aims, which makes it a unique event for Physics students.

The aims are to give Physics students the opportunity

Coordinates in space time

The ICPS'99 will take place at the University of Helsinki in Finland from August 14th to August 20th, 1999.

Conference fee

To participate in the conference every participant has to pay the conference fee. It includes lodging, two meals per day (breakfast and lunch) and all conference materials (Conference Handbook, Proceedings etc.)

The conference fee will most probably be 120 Euros. The full amount has to be paid during the registration period. Actually you are registered by paying the conference fee. It will be possible after the pre-registration period.

Pre-registration and registration

If you are interested to participate, please fill the ICPS'99 pre-registration form after March 1st, 1999, when the pre-registration period starts. The form is found from the address http://www.physics.helsinki.fi/iaps/icps99/registration.html. If you are unable to fill the WWW form, please contact the Organizing Committee (address below).

The amount of the conference guests is limited (250 or so). Please fill the pre-registration form as early as possible to ensure your attending to ICPS'99.

The registration is possible after April 1st, 1999. Note! Please don't register until you have pre-registered and got the permission to register from the Organizing Committee.

For your registration you have to transmit the full amount of the conference fee. Make sure that the full amount will arrive in Helsinki. Therefore you have to tell your bank that all costs will be on your side! Note! If the full amount of the fee doesn't arrive in Helsinki, you will have to pay the missing part of the fee at the beginning of the conference.


Every participant can give a lecture or present a poster about his work. You can choose the subject freely within the boundaries of Physics. The time for each lecture is limited to 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions. The lectures and posters should present your field of research or study. They can also present your special interest - for example, the life and history of a famous Physicist.

Hints for giving lectures

'The Ten Commandments for a Conference Lecturer' by Academy-Professor Pekka Pyykö


You can also present a poster containing information about your work. The posters will be presented to the other participants during a poster session. During this session the participants have the possibility to discuss the various posters with the authors.

The subject for the poster can be choosen freely within the boundaries of Physics.


The abstracts of all lectures and posters will be published in the Conference Handbook. So if you give a lecture or present a poster, you have to send in the abstract of your lecture/poster before June 30th, 1999.

The abstract can be submitted as LaTeX (preferred) or as text file. Further information on how to send the abstracts will be given in the future. Please remember that abstracts should be a short summary of your lecture/poster and not a paper.


All participants will receive the Proceedings of the conference. In the Proceedings the papers to all posters and lectures will be published. Those participants, who present a poster or give a lecture have to send a paper about there poster or lecture. The paper has to be sent to the Organizing Committee before June 30th, 1999.

Note!You must mail the papers to the OC, computer files will not be accepted.

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