Helsinki is not that far away and can be reached by air, sea or land. This page will tell you how to get here most conveniently.

Helsinki is directly linked to most major airway hubs all over the world. Schedules for all Finnair flights can be found from the net. Finnair is the official carrier of ICPS'99.

Ferries, catamarans and hydrofoils link Helsinki to Tallinn, the nearby capital of Estonia. The traffic density between Helsinki and Tallinn is very high: there are about 25 ferries every day between these two cities. The timetables can be found from an Estonian server. There are also ferries running between Helsinki and Stockholm, Sweden daily. Weekly ferries link Helsinki to Germany and Poland.

There are daily direct trains to/from Russia: St. Petersburg and Moscow. The timetables can be found from the Finnish railway company, VR server.

On the map below is the area around Helsinki. Helsinki-Vantaa airport (marked yellow on the map) is located 15 km north of the city center (marked with purple dotted line). Main roads are marked with orange, the railway line with blue and the metro line with green.

On the map below you can find the main travel hubs in the center of Helsinki. The train station is marked with a blue square, the bus station with an orange square. The three major ports are marked with purple.

Ferries from Stockholm, Sweden and hydrofoils from Tallinn, Estonia arrive mainly at the southern port (eteläsatama). Some catamarans from Tallinn also arrive at the southern port, but most ferries and catamarans from Tallinn arrive at the western port (länsisatama). Ferries from Poland and Germany usually arrive at the northern port (pohjoissatama).

How to get to the city center, where the new student house (ICPS'99 reception office) lies?

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