Helsinki, the daughter of the Baltic Sea will be the venue for ICPS'99.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and also itīs biggest city having about 550 000 citizens. The City is located on the southern coast of Finland.

New: Check out the history of Finland, an epic story written by Walter Rydman.

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located about 20 kilometers North from the center of Helsinki. There are good connections to and from the airport by buses. The Organizing Committee of ICPS'99 will take care that all conference participants will be carried safely from the airport to the registration site.

The center of Helsinki is illustrated on the map below.

1The Department of Physics (the site for lectures and posters)
2Main building of the University of Helsinki
3Main railway station
4The railway square (the airport buses arrive and depart here)
5The new student house (the reception, the conference office, site for some parties)
6The old student house (the site for the National Party)
7Satakuntatalo student hotel
8Academica student hotel
9The town hall
10The Finlandia Hall
11Local ferry port
12Main bus station
13The eastern ferry port (ferries from Stockholm)
MMetro station

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